Software Licensing

Running a reliable business requires every company to maintain industry standards. Software licensing ensures security and reliability for your brand and its users. It also optimizes your workflow and increases overall efficiency. All the major companies invest in licensed software that yields growth and results for their brand.

However, buying software can be challenging for organisations of any size. Licensing the right software solution for your business can be a linear path to high productivity. However, it also comes with its overheads, under & over licensing issues, training, and compliance challenges – all of which require expert-led optimization. As a partner to various publishers, we provide advisory and different procurement options for your business that you can leverage without putting at risk your budget & compliance priorities. We provide local support, services and delivery, competitive pricing in local currencies and a seamless purchasing experience

We offer below licenses & subscriptions :

  • Microsoft - Open Value (OV) & Open Value Subscriptions (OVS) for On-premises, Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) & Service Provider Licenses Agreement (SPLA).
  • Adobe - Adobe Creative Cloud & Adobe Document Cloud
  • Corel - Graphics, Digital Image Editing, Vector Illustration and Photo Editing tools
  • Autodesk - Engineering Design, CAD, CAM & Simulation Solutions
  • Tally - Business Management Software with Accounting, Inventory & Reporting